Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nam Jai - Indonesia

Since our visit to Thailand last year, we have been thinking about continuing the flow of Nam Jai. We decided to raise funds for a school or orphanage in Indonesia. Just as we were preparing our trip, Indonesia was hit by another disaster; the earthquake in Yogyakarta. It was clear to us that we would adjust our plans and go there.

Now, a few months later, we are in Bandung, on our way to Yogya. We have been in touch with a Dutch association Flowgi, whom have already done great things both in Yogya and elsewhere in Indonesia. They have established several orphanages and work with small projects helping children. Both Kees and Ron from Flowgi have helped us prepare for our visit to Yogya and have provided us with the contact details of the volunteers (all students).

We have collected some two-thousand euros; thanks to everyone who has supported us. Your money is in good hands. Of course we will keep you updated on both the blogs!

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