Monday, August 14, 2006

Nam Jai - Indonesia 2006

Yogyakarta - part 2

So much has happened since my last post. After two days of resting and buying things for Banjardadap an the Funday at Asy Syifa, we went back to Banjardadap on Friday. We delivered:
* Books for all classes, to be shared by two students
* a globe
* a map of Indonesia and of Java
* presents for the teachers

The uniforms are ordered and will be delivered in a weeks time. We talked with the head of the school and some of the teachers about their plans for the future. We even discussed the Dutch schoolsystem, about which they were very curious and enthousiastic. For Michael's colleagues that wish to spread the gospel of OGO (development based education) please know you are welcome in Indonesia!

Erita (the newest Flowgi Indonesia volunteer) advised us to visit Ibu Sriutami of Combongan kindergarten. One of the children in her school had passed away and two children lost their parents. When we arrived they were already waiting for us - we were late, because we were stuck in traffic in a tiny little street overcrowded with motorbikes, cars, trucks, horse and wagon, becaks, bicycles all headed to the fridaymarket. They children sang a full repertoire of songs and greeted us shyly. Afterwards we briefly spoke with Ibu Sriutami who asked us to help rebuild the school building, a request we can not fullfill. Instead we asked here to name ten other things she needs for her school. We immediatly knew we wanted to help there, so we agreed to arrange for schooluniforms (two sets), shoes, noteblocks, a bed, a writing board and some everyday school utilities.

In the afternoon we visited the orphanage Mardi Siwi once more. We brought books, magazines, a volleyball net and ball and some sweets and a frame with all the pictures we had taken earlier that week. The boys had a hard time setting up the net - for it entailed digging two deep holes in hard and dry soil - but it was worth it: a great game was played. When we leave, one of the boys says: "God bless you!". Teary-eyed we drive off.

It is great to be able to all this here, but it hurts not to able to do more.

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