Sunday, February 11, 2007


A suitable name for the activities that we will organise to raise funds for our Cambodja project. The aim is to organise fun get-to-gethers for the good cause.

Michael's brother-in-law and 'patron cuisinier' has offered to host a cooking workshop for 15 people - he is great chef and makes the student-cooks feel they themselves are responsible for cooking up a fantastic meal. Good thing is that the students get to eat it themselves afterwards. He will pay for the costs and donate the fees to Nam Jai. This is exactly our idea of a fun(d)raiser!

Also, we are looking for a cook who wants to offer his skills as a guestcook in the bar where Michael spends many friday nights with his colleagues. Maybe the owner can even help us out there. These ideas make spending money on a good cause easier, we think. We have also scheduled big sales for Queensday (30th of April). We have started collecting items to sell and have aleady gotten positive responses from family members. My Brazilian aunt has already offered to make Caipirinhas for the occassion.

We're on the right track and are open to suggestion and initiaves to make it even more succesful!