Monday, August 07, 2006

Nam Jai - Indonesia 2006

So much has happened in the week we have now already spent in Indonesia. First in Jakarta, while catching up with my friend Martijn, he tells us how people in Jakarta send around panicky text messages, warnings for earthquakes and tsunami's. The story goes that Jakarta will be hit in November, a prediction not even the best scientist can make. Despite the fact that the last quakes caused no severe damage or casualties in Jakarta, they made an impact. It is like the feeling you get if you get up too quickly after drinking a few glasses of beer, I'm told.

From Jakarta we head on towards Bandung, where we stay with my family in Cimahi. Wonderful days we had together...
Sent on a mission by Ronald, we set out to find an orphanage in Cimahi or Bandung. It should be a preliminary research, a mapping exercise enabling Flowgi to look into the possibility of also providing help there. My niece takes us to a Panti Asuhan in Bandung, which she visits often. It is well-organised and maintained there. The children lie in beds more fancy than most Indonesian families can afford. The good work of the Director - Pak Yanto - is obviously appreciated by the donating community. After briefly explaining the intent of our visit, we are invited to come back on saturday when the Directors of all panti's in Bandung gather for their monthly meeting.

With a large delegation (my family comes along) we arrive to the meeting qith the intention to briefly meet with people from the panti's that really need assistance. To my surprise (and shock!) I am invited to join the Director (Chairman of this meeting) at the speakers table. My speech is brief, my Indonesian not too bad. I state as clearly as possible that I only came to get an idea of the setting, but say they could write their needs down. The response is enthousiastic; it seems like all panti's want to file proposals with Flowgi. Despite my explanation that I am only affiliated with Flowgi as a volunteer, some seem to think I am in charge (Sorry Ron and Kees!). All in all an interesting experience. Flowgi, look out for those proposals! (Sorry about that too!).

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