Monday, July 31, 2006

Nam Jai - Thailand update

On February 28, 2006 we received this update on the Batik Project we had partially funded.
Our gratitude goes out to everyone who supported us!

In mid-2005, a livelihood project was identified by “We Love Thailand” in Baan Bang Kaya community in Phang Nga province which was in need of funding. At that time, a group of local villagers had set up production of Batik products in temporary facilities. The Batik project was looking for funding to construct a new, permanent building nearby and to purchase equipment and supplies to expand their production. Total cost of the project was estimated to be approximately 200,000 baht. With this support, the project would be able to construct new facilities (their temporary facilities needed to be returned to the community as soon as possible) and increase the quality and amount of their products. This would all subsequently improve the quality of life for the families of those who work in the shop.

In September 2005, “We Love Thailand” received a donation of 100,000 baht (approx. 2,000 Euros) from a school in The Netherlands to be used to fund the Batik livelihood project (which is a freedom project under the “Seed of Love” program within “We Love Thailand”). Construction began on the new building shortly after the funding was received. This new building was built just opposite from the previous, temporary building. In addition to construction of the new facilities, funds were also used to purchase equipment and other necessary supplies to improve and increase production.Villagers were able to begin working in the new building in October 2005. There are currently 15 – 20 people who have been trained and are working regularly at the project. Since beginning work in the new facilities, the project has seen great success. The products are selling very well. Regular customers include businesses, resorts, and individuals in Phang Nga and Krabi provinces in the south, as well as Bangkok.

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