Friday, April 25, 2008

Canica de Oaxaca

Canica de Oaxaca, A.C is a Mexican NGO, which supports children and their families that are living on the street in Oaxaca. The organisation has three projects:

1. `Niño(a) del Mercado` (children of the market);
2. `Niña(o)s Trabajadores en la Calle` (children that work on the streets);
3. `Violencia Intrafamiliar` (domestic violence).

"CANICA de Oaxaca" tries to place the children in a shelter and help the families. In Casa Canica the children get to be 'children' again. They are taught to go to school each day, to pay, to eat healthy and so on.

We are very happy to have found a good organisation to cooperate with. The first contact we had was through the Dutch organisation Amigos de Canica; a foundation set up solely to support the work of Canica de Oaxaca. In the coming months we will discuss with them what kind of support we could possibly offer.

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